- Al Mann discloses details to the FCC regarding use of HAM Radio and 224MHz Amateur Radio spectrum!

- UPDATE: Correspondence with the House Oversight Comittee


This site details current and ongoing investigation and litigation for fraud and criminal misconduct by NIH, NSA, DARPA, and the Alfred E. Mann Foundation. The material, copy and content may not be reproduced, re-printed or distributed without express consent. - Copyright ©2007, Larson Media

Case Evidence Detailing Defense Special Access, Implantable Biomedical Technology and it's misuse by Defense and Intelligence Agencies...

recovered nih/npp device recovered nih/npp device
"This is, without a doubt, the worst thing the N.I.H. has ever done... The people at the Mann Foundation need to be prosecuted criminally and litigated civilly, and so should the Program Manager at the N.I.H who not only allowed this, but facilitated it and participated in it..."  

Recovered Devices

Device images, Histopathology, microscopy, post-explanted devices following IC failure, decapsulation, or biocompatibility failure.

Dave Larson has been involved in the development of government funded implantable medical device technology since March 1997, as a Biomedical Engineering student, research subject, Microsoft Certified Technician, programmer and FCC licensed operator KI6JJN. This site details the ongoing legal effort regarding criminal misconduct and abuse of Defense Special Access Program provisions, and a campaign for government ethics and reform. A "Special Access Program" (or "SAP") is described as "a uniform system for classifying, safeguarding, and declassifying national security information" by the U.S. Department of Defense,  more commonly known as "black projects". This site details one such project that may well be the darkest, blackest, highly classified project ever to recieve public exposure. Extensive research efforts, ongoing legal efforts, and Freedom of Information requests have resulted in the factual data, and comprehensive documentation explicitly detailing U.S. Government efforts to develop implantable medical device technology for deployment as a Defense Tactical Weapon, and Intelligence Tool. What began in 1997 as an inquiry has evolved into a moral and ethical dilemma that has personnel from the NIH, the United States Dept. of Defense, the FBI, and it's Defense Contractor, the Alfred E. Mann Foundation, committing acts of felony criminal misconduct, fraud, and civil rights violations under the protections of "National Security", the Patriot Act and governmental contractual obligations. Civil litigation is being sought in the interest of justice and public interest.

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